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1972 | Every World Press Photo Winner From 1955-2011

This Pulitzer Prize winning photograph by Eddie Adams is among the most famous war photographs of all time. The man with the gun is General Nguyen Ngoc Loan, the Republic of Vietnam’s Chief of National Police, while the man about to die is Nguyen Van Lém, a Vietcong soldier.

Famous photograph of suffragette Ada Wright, beaten by British police in 1910. She was among hundreds beaten in response to a huge protest directly challenging Prime Minister Herbert Asquith, who had outright rejected the idea of making a bill to give women a vote.

Jewish refugees, approaching allied soldiers, become aware that they have just been liberated from a holocaust train, April, 1945

March 1944: A child in the Ozarichy hostage holding camp tries to wake up his mother, who has been murdered by the Germans. Ozarichy in Kalinkovichy region of Belarus was large fenced-in area on the German front line holding local civilians as human shields against Soviet attacks. The hostages were left without shelter, food, and water and were decimated by exposure, gunfire, and hunger. When Soviet troops finally defeated the Germans in the area, they found 15,960 children among the…

Jan Rose Kasmir at a demonstration against the Vietnam War, Washington, D.C., October 21/ Marc Riboud / 1967

So, I didn't want to post this, because the seen can never be unseen. But, it's a part of history that WILL be repeated if younger generations are not educated! There are teenagers that live in America that don't even know who Hitler was. It's sickening, it's terrifying, and if changes aren't made in society of how we treat our fellow humans, we will have a worse future than imaginable. PLEASE DON'T FORGET THAT WE ARE THE MAKERS AND CHANGERS OF HISTORY!!!!

Japan's Tsunami & Monsterquake in March 2011. First anniversary.