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Clip on vegetable peeler. This vegetable peeler has a clip-on handle which makes peeling veggies easier for persons with a weak grasp or other hand problems. >>> See it. Believe it. Do it. Watch thousands of SCI videos at

One handed clamp peeler- a little pricey but perhaps could be replicated

3D printed tapping tool | Mizu Laboratory and Inclusive Design: Developing 3D printed tools for the elderly and people with a loss in functioning. Every assistive tool should be simple, elegant and functional same as the products for healthy persons are. Otsu, Japan

Bowl Holder with Bowl ~this would be nice :) (my wrists and fingers-and everything else lol-dislocate)


ハンドライティングに戻りたくなるペンだよ | roomie(ルーミー)

Pot and Pan Holder....Prevents a pot or pan from turning while stirring with one hand.....One-handed use for anyone with limited had use or seniors with limited hand dexterity and hand strength loss. Useful kitchen safety product

SeniorsSuperStores-Kitchen appliances, adaptive gadgets / tools - useful gifts for seniors, senior citizens, the elderly, and impaired cooks

3D produits d'impression "d'aides d'entrée du doigt par mizulabojp" Détails du produit | imprimante 3D et 3D service d'impression "rinkak"

Adaptive Art Supplies such as Egg Shaped Paintbrushes

Design or Not Design / Tunna Tinn opener / Wood / Could be something for UNIVERSAL DESIGN, or what do you think? / by muji