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In this undated photo provided by the USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, a flock of Eu... - AP Photo/USDA APHIS, Jack Spencer

Anybody who thinks drinking milk doesn't kill cows,,, wrong. Babies are killed everyday so you can drink the milk meant for them. And don't believe that BS, that babies are given supplements. The majority are killed either immediately or in a few weeks for veal. Yes, you drinking milk is the problem.

How can we criticize other cultures for killing and eating animals when we do the same thing. Are we so conditioned to think that killing and eating certain animals is just fine as long as it's not a dog, cat, horse, etc...? #racist #govegan

Every piece of leather you buy sentences an animal to a LIFETIME OF SUFFERING. NO animal deserves to be killed for FASHION.

Squirrel chillin' in the snow...

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Mendocino, California, where wildlife is being killed by the Wildlife Services indiscriminately every year using tax-payers money. Each year, Wildlife Services traps and kills millions of animals - approximately 80,000 in California - on behalf of commercial agriculture. Picture, coyote-CC-Jethro-Taylor-article-image2

In the midst of our high-tech, hedonistic lifestyle, among the dazzling monuments to history there are the 'black ...boxes.' These are the biomedical research laboratories, factory farms, and slaughterhouses - faceless compounds where society conducts its dirty business of abusing and killing innocent, feeling beings. These are our Dachaus, our Buchenwalds, our Birkenaus. We have a fair idea of what goes on there, but we don't want any reality checks." Dr. Alex Hershaft, Holocaust survivor