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EmoSpark is an Android powered Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth cube that allows users to create and interact with an emotionally concise intelligence through conversation, music, and visual media. EmoSpark will take not only gaming, but also your TV, smart phone or computer to an entirely different level from anything ever experienced before. The EmoSpark cube can be accessed remotely through video conferencing facilities. The user can interact and engage in conversation with the cube, just like a regular…

Android Shop Assistants

Android Shop Assistants - Shop Robot Aiko Chihira Helps Customers at Mitsukoshi

僕が欲しいと思ったから作っちゃいましたという「R2-D2型冷蔵庫」 - YouTube

That iOS 10 update that was bricking iPhones? Apple says it’s fixed now

The earliest iOS 10 adopters got burned, but things should be better now.

Gewinnspiel: Der rOtring 800+ und die Urban Ears Zinken

Gewinnspiel: Der rOtring 800+ und die Urban Ears Zinken:

Honda to lend out more ASIMO-based walking belts for fine tuning in Japan

This Silicon Valley Billionaire Wants to Give Us All Robot Bodies.

SMS And Email Pen Sends What You Write To The Person You Choose. I NEED THIS,

Toast Saber…