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Stretchy / Gooey FK Chain

Maya/Rigging: creating stretchy joint chains

Creating a simple Rig for a Bicycle's chain and handle bars using Maya

Dynamic Chains - Maya Hair - Tutorial

Maya Chain Rig Tutorial - With Joints Hair EP Curves Rigid Bodies And a Spline IK Dynamics - YouTube

Controlling Joints with Dynamic Hairs in Maya

Trunk rig - Variable FK - How it works

Tutorial: Stretchy IK arm in Maya

Maya/Rigging: IK to FK snapping, part 1 by zeth willie. This is a three parter. . . a trilogy if you will (I love it when people say, "if you will"), about the basics of setting up an IK/FK snapping script that will correctly position your IK control and pole vector based on the rotations of your FK arm. A little bit of math, some elbow grease and a winning attitude are you need! And some python scripting. And some secret nodes. And a bunch of other stuff too. . .

Creating a Simple FK Tail Rig

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