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Mrs. Edward Greene ~ circle of Michael Dahl I (I'm endlessly fascinated by how they constructed their clothing in those days, especially women's wear -- since those are the clothes I would like to wear / make myself... also, enjoying the glorious array of silk and velvet textiles)

"Portrait of a Woman" by Michael Dahl (1700?) at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

"portrait of a woman" by michael dahl, 1715

Mary Wynter, Mrs. William Blathwayt I ~ ca1689-91, Michael Dahl I (she seems to be wearing on the back of her head a very fine lace or net veil, or something like that, in Gold thread to match her dress)

Unknown woman, formerly known as Sarah Churchill, née Jenyns, Duchess of Marlborough, Michael Dahl

Called 'Maria Wright, Mrs. Edward Phelips V, as a Girl (about age 10 in this painting) ~ 1740, Michael Dahl I

Portrait of an Unknown Lady by Michael Dahl I

Elizabeth Buxton ~ 1722, Michael Dahl I

Circle of John Michael Wright (London 1617-1694)