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Martin Freeman fans 'ruin' Richard III

Martin Freeman in Shakespeare's Richard III the Telegraph

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Richard III at The Stratford Shakespeare Festival.

Richard Clothier (King Richard) in William Shakespeare's "Richard III" at the Huntington Theatre

Seana McKenna as Richard III, Stratford Festival, 2011. Wow. And she played Queen Elizabeth to Tom McCamus' Richard, in 2002. Also saw Stephen Ouimette as Richard III in 1997. What's to come?

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How Richard III became the blueprint for villainy

How Richard III became the blueprint for villainous performances around the world - Portrayals of Richard III in the UK inevitably follow Shakespeare’s writing closely because of the playwright’s reputation & because the play was written in English. But in other countries, performances of Richard III have been altered & rewritten to follow “local needs”. “The weight of history is there,”

Kevin Spacey as Richard III