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This unique glassware collection is inspired by the icicles that decorate the Swedish winters (the name Icetap is a combination of icicle and the Swedish translation “istapp”). These artistic pieces are hand blown quartz laboratory glass that makes them very thin but strong. Besides being beautiful, the unique shape isolates the liquid... warm or cold... in both glasses and carafe.

Decanter Rainman, Skruf

玻璃水瓶——范玥芸 Decanter Rainman, Skruf

"Kiriko" is the Japanese traditional technique and products of cut glass from Edo period. this glass is the product of present day. but the color is reproducted from ancient times.

Vice/Virtue Glasses. Exhaust, 1997. Blown glass with cigarette

Y002 <レザーレースハンガー> 木と革ひもをつないだだけのとてもシンプルな構成。… 고무로 된 줄이 옷의 형태에 따라 자리를 잡아서 옷걸이에 옷의 형태가 유지 되는 것이 아니라 옷에의해 옷걸이의 형태가 미세하게 변한다

Perhaps the most unique martini glass I have ever encountered.

スタイリッシュ富士山!ペーパーナプキンが雪化粧になるペーパーホルダー | STYLE4 Design

Beautiful Modern Decanter - use for wine, water, or a flower vase!

UCHIFIT/ウチフィット 吊戸棚下のキッチンペーパーホルダー ロールタイプ用|家具収納・インテリア雑貨専門 通販のハウススタイリング(house styling)

adayinthelandofnobody: "Genio glass" by Leonardo Borra for Blueside Emotional Design