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Crab Habitat the Underwater Oasis perfect for fiddler crabs and hermit crabs and you name it!

Make a dry spot underwater for a biosphere. Too cool!!...did you know that this is how mermaids keep underwater terrariums without lids?

小型キューブ水槽で 侘び草レイアウト SUI-laboratory

10 gallon tank with fire-belly toads, neon tetras, platies, ghost shrimp, and lots of plants. Uses an external 5Gal sump.

art aquarium @ Tokyo , Japan

I want this for a poison dart frog vivarium!!!!

新しいメダカ飼育の楽しみ方!BON Style(盆スタイル)

aquarium orbs | Biorb Fish Tanks > Biorb Life 30 > Biorb Life 30 Black

新しいメダカ飼育の楽しみ方!BON Style(盆スタイル)

300 gal vivarium with sump. has fog and a waterfall, link has video scroll down