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Have you ever wondered how Sherlock would react, and cope if John were to die?

In ASIP he had just met John. Before that he did everything he could to separate himself from normal and boring people. By HLV, he had spent plenty of time around John, watching his behavior, seeing others responses to it, and learning how to mimic it. He has developed a need to make John happy, and alters his behavior in order to do so.

Let us all say Amen.

You ain't matin' with me, sunshine!<<<OMFG THAT COMMENT XD

While I ship sherlolly super hard I could live with lestrolly...omg i love lestrade

In short, Sherlock is better than everyone. Don't try and top him, you will fail. #sherlockforever

Imagine if that was on a case and Lestrade hears and he and John just go into a giggle fit

Irene Adler - just my favorite female t.v. character of all time.

Papa Lestrade... Lol But I really hated Dimmock.