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    la Tierra de noche

    la Tierra de noche

    This morning I want to share this incredible image that was released yesterday by NASA. For the first time ever, we can see an Overview of the entire sunlit side of the Earth from one million miles away. By combining three separate photographs taken by the Deep Space Climate Observatory satellite, NASA was able to create this stunning image

    We are definitely feeling the Overview Effect in this photograph taken of Bruce McCandless II by his fellow crewmembers aboard the Earth-orbiting Space Shuttle Challenger on February 7, 1984. At this stage in his mission, he was approaching his maximum distance from the vehicle. The first American to conduct a spacewalk was astronaut Edward H. White II when he floated into the vastness of space on June 3, 1965. Credit: NASA

    There’s a massive snowstorm here in New York City, but thanks to Scott Kelly (who is living on the International Space Station) we can see what it looks like from above. The weather front will pummel the East Coast throughout the day, with more than 20 inches (50.8 centimeters) of snowfall expected.

    11/4/2015 Chimalhuacán Chimalhuacán, Mexico 19.435062776°, -98.968516816°   Chimalhuacán is a city with more than 600,000 residents in the eastern part of the State of Mexico, Mexico. The colorful strip seen across the bottom of this Overview is a open-air market known as a tianguis. Here, merchants cover their stalls with vibrant canopies to protect themselves from harsh sun and inclement weather.

    Watching the Earth, European Space Agency

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    Berlin at night. East/West divide still visible due to different lightbulbs. Amazing.

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