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Bali grants Vamana (the dwarf brahmin avatar of Vishnu) 3 paces of land despite his guru advising him against it, earning his guru's curse. Bali argued that he never goes back against his word and grants Vamana 3 steps. Pleased with Bali Vishnu allows Bali to rule all 3 worlds for a period of time before returning the heavens to Lord Indra.

Lakshmi is the mother goddess, and the consort of Vishnu. She is the patron of wealth (both material and spiritual), prosperity, good fortune and is the embodiment of beauty and grace. In this form, she is bestowing gold coins of prosperity and the elephants flanking her represent her royal power.

Lakshmi & Sarasvati, 19th c. oleolithograph. Sisters doin' it for themselves. ~ Danielle

Sarasvathi is the goddess of music/art/knowledge. Peacocks also cool.