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Hauptmann Egon Albrecht was credited with 25 victories. His total included 15 victories claimed over the Eastern Front and 10 over the Western Front, including at least six four-engine bombers. In addition he recorded 11 aircraft destroyed on the ground on the Eastern Front.

Walter Nowotny flew over 442 missions in achieving 258 victories. He recorded 255 of his victories over the Eastern front. Of his three victories recorded over the Western front, 2 were four-engine bombers and all 3 victories were gained while flying the Me 262 jet fighter.

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Lieutenant-General Günther Rall He flew a total of 621 missions, and was shot down no less than 8 times, being wounded 3 times during which he shot down a total of 275 enemy aircraft, including 3 on the Western Front to become the third highest scoring fighter pilot in history. He claimed all of his victories in the Messerschmitt Bf 109.

彗星四三型 三三型の特攻仕様。 後部座席を廃止して単座とし、機銃も撤去した。代わりに操縦席に防弾鋼板と防弾ガラスを追加した。 胴体下面に最大5本の増速用ロケットを搭載可能としていたが、性能が低下するため一度も実用されなかった。

Hans "Assi" Hahn - Bf-109F-2 - III. Jagd Geschwader 2 "Richtofen" 1941- 108 Abschüsse

Macchi M33: 毎日がエブリデイ

Oberleutnant Fritz Tegtmeier

Cockpit & internals of a Yokosuka MXY7 Ohka rocket powered suicide aircraft.

Helmut Wick