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The beard is ... GONE

NOnoNOnoNON asdfghjkl **DIES**

- 世界で人気の魅力とは

Ahahaha lashton


Home again lol x

حب نفسك


24 Excuses To Bask In The Adorable Beauty That Is Ashton Irwin


Moi et mon "demi-frère", Ashton Irwin. - Chapitre 32

Open be ash? I'm the girl Alex. CREDIT TO @rahhhh2] somehow I got pushed to the front of the crowd and well ashton irwin was right infront of me. I shakily hold my phone out to him. "Ash.. c-can I g-get a picture..?" I whisper and gently tug on his sleeves. He looks at me then down at my wrist. Damit. I forgot to cover my cuts. "P-Please.." I look at him with pleading eyes and you...

Oh look at that gorgeous Aussie. Like damn Ash you just killed me with those eyes and luscious hair. You are literally prettier than my life...