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Anthy Himemiya, the Rose Bride.

Oh yes more Pearls, I love them!!! Now we are only missing a white Pearl… or is it a Pink one? Or both? :3-Support me on Patreon-

切手 アニメ・ヒーロー・ヒロインシリーズ 第16集 「ベルサイユのばら」

ベルサイユなしのみ,ベルサイユのばら,Bara Riyoko,中国の漫画の韓国の漫画,マンガ中国の漫画,女性オスカー,ラ·ローズ,ベルサイユ,バラデ

‘My job is to find sympathy where society refuses to. People like Loki are often locked up and judged and reviled—and rightfully, kind of, chastised and castigated and lionised. My job is to find the humanity in him. Ultimately, underneath all of Loki’s hatefulness and spite is a lost child. I have to get underneath the skin of that. He’s just someone who is so lacking in self-esteem, all he needs is true affection, I guess.’ - Tom Hiddleston