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Ópusztaszeri Akhal Teke Stud

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Friesian Horse Nanning 374

Akhal Teke, Pamel-Kan - Farm stud DACOR

Go Girl an Akhal-Tekes mare in rare perlino color. of course I desire one!

Akhal-Teke horses are a national emblem of Turkmenistan. They are known for the natural metallic sheen of their coats. A tough and resilient breed with wonderful endurance, form, and grace.

Oh my... Gorgeous ...

Akhal Teke Horse

Arabian Mare bringing up the next generation. A'Diva and foal, A'Real Diva KA. #ArabianHorses #Foal

Akhal-Teke - stunning color, the shimmering coat gives away the breed, it is unique to the Akhal - teke.