My Manta Ray Gills tattoo. Got it done last night, May 27, 2011, by Chris at 808 Tattoo, Oahu HI. I freaking love them! They go perfectly with my Poseidon’s Trident tattoo

aspen tree tattoo | Tree Tattoo in leg

Love the organic feel and color of this one

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Mona Lisa Fem

Celtic Knots and Their Meanings | ... meanings worked into a heart, a chain, or even a Celtic knot

Got a mermaid right under my boob! Hopefully I'd be able to think of ideas to add on too it in the future. They don't lie when they say the ribs are the worse place to get a tattoo.

I feel like I should get one in honor of my Grandma Hoak. Flamingos are her favorite and shes my favorite so it only makes sense

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