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Freakinの面白い,怖い,とても面白い,奇妙な,不穏な,Frickin Creepy,Sorta Creepy,Creepy Funny,That'S Terrifying

35個爆笑中譯英事例 - 有趣貼圖 -


Noah / Unicorns ~ Dear Blank Letterpress Card

Yeeah what happpen to the Unicorns?

A transparent acrylic paperweight to hold down the pages of a book as you eat and drink while reading. Shut the front door.


Christmas decoration

Can NOT. Stop. Laughing!

"I could eat a horse...." by Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson. Spaghetti measurer? Love it!


10 Ways To Prank Your Friend's Phone

Purrfect Prank of the Day: Redditor frackyou‘s little cousin posted his phone number to Facebook along with a status update informing everyone that he was bored. Cat Facts to the rescue.

cats are creepers sometimes. This video is called "Stalking cat"


Meanwhile, At McDonald's...

Im dying