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Obon and Daimonji Festival

Gozan no Okuribi (五山送り火), more commonly known as Daimonji (大文字), is a festival in Kyoto, Japan. It is the culmination of the O-Bon festival on August 16, in which five giant bonfires are lit on mountains surrounding the city. It signifies the moment when the spirits of deceased family members, who are said to visit this world during O-Bon, are believed to be returning to the spirit world—thus the name Okuribi (送り火) (roughly, "send-off fire").

Toro nagashi in Hachioji, Japan - Tōrō nagashi (灯籠流し) is a Japanese ceremony in which participants float paper lanterns (chōchin) down a river; tōrō is traditionally another word for lantern, while nagashi means “cruise, flow”. This is primarily done on the last evening of the Bon Festival festival based on the belief that this guides the spirits of the departed back to the other world

Obon: Festival of the Dead in Japan - Japan Talk

五山送り火、ゆく夏惜しむ 京都

Beautiful Kyoto -


This traditional festival is held in Kyoto every year on August 16th, during the Obon period. A bonfire is lit on each of the 5 mountains surrounding Kyoto, two in the shapes of the character for "big" (大), and one each in the shapes of a boat, a shrine gate, and the characters for "wondrous teaching of Buddha" (妙法). (The photo shows the bonfire in the shape of a shrine gate) These Obon bonfires are said to redeliver the souls of deceased ancestors to the afterlife.

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Obon Festival: Japanese Buddhist worshippers place one thousand floating paper lanterns in a river in Ichinomiya city. Credit: © EVERETT KENNEDY BROWN/epa/Corbis | #eklectica

Arashiyama Momiji Festival #Kyoto#Japan Photography Kinichi Maeda

Sachiho, Tsurui Okiya, Gion Kobu