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Richard III at the battle of Bosworth Field on his white charger. Legend has it that the horse was called White Surrey.

Wounds from the battlefield: What Richard’s remains revealed about war-scarred king. As to the re-interment: I say, let Westminster have him! (or some other 3rd party). But York is probably a little more appropriate.

Katherine Swynford: Katherine became the third wife of John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, and their descendants were the Beaufort family, which played a major role in the Wars of the Roses. Henry VII, who became King of England in 1485, derived his claim to the throne from his mother Lady Margaret Beaufort, who was a great-granddaughter of Gaunt and Katherine Swynford.

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Katheryn de Roet-Swynford, Duchess of Lancaster (c.1350-1403) was the mistress & eventual wife of the great Plantagenet Prince John of Gaunt, son of Edward III. Katheryn's life shows us she was an enigmatic & resilient woman who cared for the royal children in the household's of Queen Philippa & Blanche of Lancaster. Upon becoming Duchess, Katheryn became a patron of the arts, & due to her extreme piety, an avid giver to religious houses, orphans & lepers. She was also a loving wife…

Battle of Bosworth (1485). The picture depicts the clash between the Yorkist Duke of Norfolk and the Lancastrian Earl of Oxford forces during the initial phase of the battle.

Japanese artillerymen pull their mountain gun along river in China during WW2.

Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth Field by James E McConnell 1485

Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth (Original) (Signed) art by Peter Jackson