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Acute lymphocytic leukemia

Understanding Leukemia anatomy poster defines four types of acute and chronic leukemia while detailing treatment options.




Shark skin under electron microscope

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The peripheral blood smear shows an absolute lymphocytosis of small “mature” lymphocytes with clumped, smudgy chromatin and scant cytoplasm. Smudge cells

Promyelocyte with Auer rods. If in blood or in bone marrow: Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (APL)

Medical Laboratory and Biomedical Science: Prolymphocytic leukemias

Lymphocytes develop from precursors in the generative lymphoid organs (bone marrow and thymus). Mature lymphocytes enter the peripheral lymphoid organs, where they respond to foreign antigens and recirculate in the blood and lymph. Some immature B cells leave the bone marrow and complete their maturation in the spleen (not shown).