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Lights from a submersible penetrate the rusted ruin of Titanic’s first-class promenade, once as inviting as a similar deck on the Olympic (below). Before the Titanic sank, the windows were opened, probably to load lifeboats. Millionaire John Jacob Astor IV put his 18-year-old wife into lifeboat 4 through a promenade window on the other side of the ship. He stayed on board and perished.

The last davit remaining on the wreck of the RMS Titanic is shown. These lifeboat cranes were used to hoist the ship's wooden lifeboats over the side and into the water during the Titanic's sinking. Many of the boats launched soon after the sinking were not close to full. Passengers refused to believe the seriousness of the situation. (RMS Titanic Inc./AP Photo)

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*NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC ~ Davit pile: Titanic's lifeboats were hoisted overboard by davits, or small cranes. Most were ranked off the deck by flailing funnel cables. These two were entangled by ropes left dangling after a boat was launched.


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The Titanic was built alongside her sister ship, the Olympic.