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Lights from a submersible penetrate the rusted ruin of Titanic’s first-class promenade, once as inviting as a similar deck on the Olympic (below). Before the Titanic sank, the windows were opened, probably to load lifeboats. Millionaire John Jacob Astor IV put his 18-year-old wife into lifeboat 4 through a promenade window on the other side of the ship. He stayed on board and perished.

Robert W. Daniel, Philadelphia Banker, survivor....While aboard the rescue ship Carpathia, he met fellow Titanic survivor Mrs. Lucien P. Smith, whose husband perished during the disaster. The two were married in 1914 in New York City.


Artifacts and memorabilia are being auctioned off from the Titanic. This Violin was salvaged along with the Titanic which had been lying in the Atlantic Ocean at a depth of 3,000 meters, Legend has it that the Titanic band was playing a tune as the ship went down.

Plastic RMS Titanic 1:570 Model Kit

1860 Slaves on a S.C. Plantation

Cleopatra's underwater palace, Egypt

RMS Titanic. Turkish Bath.

**The Story Behind Keep Calm and Carry On** Love the idea for one of the other posters: Freedom is in Peril Defend it With All Your Might