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35 Years of the World’s Best Microscope Photography

MIcroscope photography. Fluorescent actin protein filaments. / Dennis Breitsprecher, Institute of Biophysical Chemistry at Germany’s Hannover Medical School. Courtesy of Nikon Small World.

proteins: quaternary structure

This image depicts a receptor protein LapD (pink and purple) in a bound state with the enzyme LapG (blue and cyan), on the right, and in an unbound state, on the left. The receptor is embedded in the inner membrane (shown as grey surface) of bacterial cells. LapD becomes bound with LapG in response to the bacterial signaling molecule cyclic-di-GMP, and facilitates bacterial biofilm formation. Credit: Holger Sondermann

Figure 1 from An Allergen Portrait Gallery: Representative Structures and an Overview of IgE Binding Surfaces Published in Bioinformatics and Biology Insights

This Is The Molecule Responsible For Stress (Protein Receptor CRF1): Now scientists can create drugs to fit inside its structure precisely.

Brian K. Kobilka and Robert J. Lefkowitz have won this year’s chemistry Nobel for their work “crucial for understanding how G-protein–coupled receptors function”.


New protein fold with a transport tunnel discovered

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p65 Protein and its Interaction with Telomerase RNA