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Vintage 80s Threads Magazine April May 1987 No. 10

Mushrooms as dyes

saritasunbeam: shivyan: from Amelia’s magazine issue 08 a/w 2007 . why did this magazine end: ( it was so good!!to use when dying clothes addd a heafty amount of salt/vinegar to fix! ammazinng x x Painting with Natural materials! Maybe I’ll pick up painting.

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Dandelion can be used as a natural plant dye. The roots produce pink and purple dyes and the plant's flowers produce yellow dyes.

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Woad was grown and picked in its first year. Leaves were chopped up, made into balls and left to dry until they hardened. The dried balls were broken into a powder, sprinkled with water and allowed to ferment, known as couching. When the couched woad dried. Hot water is poured onto the couched woad in the vat, adding potash or urine. This mixture would ferment for days before the dyebath is ready.

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Natural Dyes with Mimi and California Country Magazine…

...make natural dyes...

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How to Make Mordants for Natural Dyes

How to make mordants for natural dyes.