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Cotylorhynchus by Sergey Krasovskiy, atrox1 | The best known member of the synapsid clade Caseidae, the largest terrestrial vertebrates of the Early Permian

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Devonian period--Prehistoric amphibians. The one looks very gatorish. By Masato Hattori

The ultimate in spike and stud mastery. Ankylosaurus; don't hate it because it does spikes better than you. #karmaloop

Barosaurus (Sauropod); Late Jurassic (150 Ma); Discovered by Marsh, 1890

Deinosuchus vs Ceratopsian

Sauroposeidon_Herbivorous dinosaur of Sauroposeidon Sauroposeidon Cretaceous 30m. Sauropods of the largest. Rather than Brachiosaurus include, but are said to members of Tita Bruno Dinosaur form class.

The Armadillo Lizard is a lizard endemic to desert areas of southern Africa. The natural habitat of this lizard is scrub and rocky outcrops. It is diurnal. It hides in rock cracks and crevices. It lives in social groups of up to 30. The Armadillo Lizard possesses an uncommon antipredator adaptation, in which it takes its tail in its mouth and rolls into a ball when frightened.