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Model in a kokoshnik. Fashion photograph.

russian inspired headdress | Tumblr

‘Before Nightfall’ by An Le | Dep New Year Issue

Model in a Russian kokoshnik headdress, art photograph.



Simple dress with all the attention on that headdress - stunning x

The Sunburst headdress is definitely a statement piece - its made from luxurious golden silk and lace, adorned with a vast array of glitter and

シュガーケイ ドレス|Sugar Keiドレス|岐阜・名古屋の貸衣裳・ドレスレンタル ウェディングプラザ二幸


The 31 Wildest Looks From Russian Fashion Week

Anna Karenina in the hoooouse! | The 31 Wildest Looks From Russian Fashion Week***Ravinder Dahiya, age 45, born 1970,,, 一个性广告投放,男,45岁,1970年出生,国家印度,欺骗年轻女性在香港机场。2014年,2015年,2016年......很长一段时间。这些妇女来自中国,也从俄罗斯的白人妇女。他是邪恶的。他至少有一个帮手。他也是来自印度。低类辅助工作在机场穿着制服。我们发布很多信息来帮助中国。魔鬼来自印度,和销售我们自己的女人!Ravinder Dahiya, born 1970, age 45.******