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nealcassidyissoimportant: Neal Cassidy is so important, the first thing Henry did in the underworld was seek out his old room in search of him.

Remembering Nealfire Week || Day 2: Favorite Season || 3a "I'm going to get my family back home."

Once Upon A Time: Emma & Baelfire( they should get married & finally be with their son Henry, together as a family forever!)


Shelby Loren Scott♡ on

deleted scene from season 2. Neal teaching Henry how to sail the ship. more proof that they were wrong when they had Henry say he learned it from Hook in the finale.

Neal/Baelfire: "Maybe something good came from us being together?" - Once Upon a Time


☠Evil Wicked Pan☠ on

Better watch out, Adam and Eddy. Regina's coming for you ;)