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あん ポん たんッ。:水槽で暮らしてますッ。- powered by metabirds -

Why do I have to mix! ? Second life given to animals that have been run over in the road was a chimera rainy day.


マタイ22:37-39イエスは言われた。「『心を尽くし、精神を尽くし、思いを尽くして、あなたの神である主を愛しなさい。』これが最も重要な第一の掟である。 第二も、これと同じように重要である。『隣人を自分のように愛しなさい。』

【katsuya5963】さんのInstagramをピンしています。 《こんばんは 今日もお疲れさまでした 明日も素敵な朝を迎えて下さい おやすみなさい 😵💤 💤 💤 人生はいつでも あなたに第二のチャンスを 与えてくれます それは、明日と言います #夏#夏休み#海#サーフィン 🏄 #ウクレレ#フラガール#ヤシの木 🌴 #コーデ#ファッション Good evening It was cheers for good work today Also welcomed a nice morning tomorrow Good night 😵💤 💤 💤 When is life even You a second chance Us supplied It is called tomorrow #summer#sea#surfing 🏄 #ukulele#Hula Girl#Palm tree 🌴》


Funny Photoshopped Animals - Funny Photoshop Animal 007 (

Apple/Crab = Crabapple - Mixing vegetables and animals illustration series “Samples from the Lab” by Rob Foote, South Africa.

The Shunka Warak'in is an animal mentioned in American folklore that is said to resemble a wolf, a hyena, or both. According to cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, shunka warak'in is an Ioway term meaning "carries off dogs." Coleman suggested that the creature was some animal unknown to modern sources. An animal shot in 1886 by Israel Hutchins on what is now the Sun Ranch in Montana has been suggested by Coleman as an example of this mysterious creature.