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Paul Simonon - photo by Virginia Turbett, 1983

Paul Simonon:そうあのクラッシュのポール・シムノン。歯以外は若い頃から今迄超カッコいいんだよな。

The Punk photographs of Sheila Rock – in pictures

The Clash in their rehearsal studio, London, 1976 I met them at their ICA gig in 1976 and went to Chalk Farm to photograph them soon afterwards. They look cool and lean and hungry. They had iconic status even then. The look is down to Paul Simonon [centre]. He did the clothes, the backdrops, the Jackson Pollock splashes on the shirts. Mick [Jones, right] and Joe [Strummer, left] wrote the songs, but Paul was the artist.

“Songs are really simple. You hold them in your hand. I can make one right now and finish it. But because they’re so simple, it’s like bird-watching, you know. You gotta know something about birds or you won’t see anything: just you and your binoculars and a stupid look on your face.” Tom Waits

The Clash's Topper Headon – Addicted To London

David Byrne, coolest person walking on this earth (with Annie Clark).

What a difference 30 odd years make: Lydon looked a far cry from the dapper frontman of th...

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20 best soul Christmas songs

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Keith Moon, The Who.