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Sachi(幸) shinto shrine in Hiroshima city.Small shrine. A big ginkgo tree stands on small temple ground. A little gateway at the entrance to a Shinto shrine is made of stone.

Hayatani shinto shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture Part1. This shrine is known as the god of traffic safety. There is large torii made of stone the entrance to Hayatani shinto shrine. Wonderful!

It is said that this temple was built in 1870. Sagimori(鷺森) shinto shrine in Hiroshima city.And it was certified as A-bombed Building.

Koufuku inari shinto shrine(幸福稲荷) in Hiroshima city. This shrine which is about five kilometers from the center of the explosion. So Koufuku inari shinto shrine is a-bombed building.

Fukumitsu inari(福満稲荷) is small shinto shrine in Hiroshima. Left hall is shinto shrine and right one is guardian deity of children. This god of harvests(稲荷) is worshipped in this area.

Ryūgū shinto shrine is a Japanese shinto shrine. Small structure.

Hayatani shinto shrine in Hiroshima Part4. The mail hall is large and traditional structure. In front of the main hall,two stone images of animal. We call it 'KOMA-INU(狛犬)'.

Inari shinto shrine in Japan.Many red gates are standing.

Yatsumote shinto(八ツ面神社) shrine in woods. There were green fields as far as the eye could reach.

This Jizo is Mizuko Jizo. Mizuko Jizo is Jizo who comforts the souls of dead fetuses or stillborn babies.