Make Your Own Lace Lamp: 1. soak with wallpaper glue 2. Hang the balloon on a string (use a clip, do not tie a knot on the balloon) and put the soaked lace on the balloon. They have to overlap each other so they will stick together and connect. 3. Put on another coat of extra glue when they are all on the balloon. Just to be sure. 4. Untie and remove the balloon!

Epic fail. Just ask @Rebecca Burris :) I think it would have worked better if we had used smaller string and a thicker medium like Mod Podge instead of Paper mache paste. It ended up being one big soppy puddle of string and glue that wouldn't stick. Definitely a two person project.

thread & glue lampshade

Leave the dyeing to the amateurs. This is the definition of Easter egg couture from our follower @Suzanne, with a Z, with a Z @ Maisonette de Madness. #PinoftheWeek 4/6

DIY Stargaze Lamps

DIY #diy

feather pendant DIY

feather pendant DIY

Add doilies to a pocketless cardigan

Doily lantern

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