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Inspiring Concept Art by Aldo Katayanagi

SIBYL[noun]1. any of certain women of antiquity reputed to possess powers of prophecy or divination. 2. a female prophet; seeress.3. a witch; hag.Etymology: from Greek Síbylla; replacing Middle English Sibil < Mediaeval Latin Sibilla, from Ancient Greek Sibulla. [Aldo Katayanagi - Witch]

Angel universo

itscolossal: Sprawling Tattoo-Inspired Ink Drawings by Benze

Secrets Framed Art Print


Kang Anna

Personnal work.Many sketches of harpies.Croquis+Photoshop.All Artwork Copyright Olivier SILVEN.


Cthulhu Print

Cthulhu Print from The Art of Dominic Qwek