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Integer War - This is a great way to reinforce what an integer is and help the students to quickly realize how to solve and answer integer problems. Plus a integer game is a better way to reinforce the concept compared to using integer worksheets for kids. A standard deck of playing cards is a great resource for reinforcing integer concepts and operations playing variations on the classic card game "War". READ HOW TO PLAY HERE:

Face-Off! An Integer Card Game

Integer Card Game - Two students play together. They both draw two cards and add them, then play again with subtraction. Whoever has the higher number collects all four cards. -- Would be great especially for students who are having trouble understanding negative numbers/greater than and less than/adding and subtracting quickly.

FREE PAPER GLOBE~ Le Paper Globe is the template of a do-it-yourself terrestrial globe. Good learning tool for geography and geometry.

Subtracting Integers Center

Subtracting Integers Tri-Match Center and Recording Sheets

Skill and Drill Without the Worksheets

Skill and Drill in Math without the Worksheets

This is an integer rap. This is a really fun rap to play in the in classroom to get students engaged and active. However, it's important to make sure students understand the rules before the rap is played so they don't just memorize the a negative times a negative is a positive without understanding why.

Card Probability

Activities: Card Probability 4th-5th grade

distributive property worksheet 3

Teaching Students to Write About Math

Diary of a Not So Wimpy Teacher: Teaching Students to Write About Math

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