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Land artist Michael Grab creates sculptures, towers, & orbs by carefully stacking & balancing rocks of different shapes & sizes. Grab says the art of stone balancing has been practised around the world for centuries & that he personally finds the process to be therapeutic & meditative

stone stacking Ref: houses were built from stones, stacked stones were used as landmarks

Japanese carps, Koi 鯉

The Balanced Rock Sculptures of Michael Grab Rely Solely on Gravity

by Spencer Tunick

This shows balance in how each of the stones are arranged, supporting and aiding to the sculpture as a whole to provide the desired shaped and symmetry

Toro-nagashi in Fushimi, Japan: Toro-nagashi 灯籠流し is a Japanese traditional event (sending off the spirits of the dead on lanterns floated on the waters of a river or the sea).

Chain saw artist salvages damaged tree trunks

Japanese umbrellas, Wagasa 和傘

~ Stacks & Stacks of Rock Stacks ~