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The Lagoon Nebula #8 of Charles Messier’s “not a comet” list, the Lagoon Nebula is a cloud of ionized hydrogen estimated to be 4000-6000 light years from earth. It can be seen with the naked eye as a gray/green patch in the constellation of Sagittarius. PHOTOGRAPHER: Chuck Manges

Nebula and Stars In Universe, Published by Bumbu Pas.

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Sculpted by stellar winds and radiation, the star factory known as Messier 17 lies some 5,500 light-years away in the nebula-rich constellation Sagittarius

The Running Chicken Nebula in the constellation Centaurus

The Fairy of Eagle Nebula: The Hubble Heritage Team, (STScI/AURA), ESA, NASA

The Lagoon Nebula, Messier object 8 (M8) or NGC6523, in the constellation of Sagittarius.

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