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My little sister coloured in all my scars today shes so sweet and cute Pin this if u have self harm scars to <3 stay strong

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Don't give up. You have more strength left. You can do it! I believe in you!! #depression #don'tgiveup

self-harmed, had suicidal thoughts, WANTED to starve myself, felt alone, acted like I was ok COUNTLESS numbers of times, hated myself A LOT

This could be used to show how archetypes change through time in literature. The sirens in The Odyssey are quite different from the siren as a mermaid, or even the more modern sirens in Harry Potter.

Self harm prevention, with a good quote. To write love on her arms.


ピィ~ン~チィ! - 家庭内単身赴任?オヤジの手酌日記


Words hurt...just watch what you's not "just a joke" cause this hurt someone..