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My little sister coloured in all my scars today shes so sweet and cute Pin this if u have self harm scars to <3 stay strong

害の自殺うつ病,害のうつ病性障害,自傷うつ病,傷跡の血液を切断自傷,血液カット,Depression Cutting Skin,Self Harm Cuts Blood,Self Harm Cuts Scars,Cuts Selfharm

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I usually don't edit this (so don't judge the ones that say dumb things) but ladies and gentlemen, this is the absolute truth.

Words hurt...just watch what you's not "just a joke" cause this hurt someone..

depression, self injury-yes, sometimes we can feel like we are drowning, but there is always rescue-remember that

This makes my heart break

This makes my heart break

Please never ever hurt you could be driving the final nail into someone's coffin never let the thought of perfect overtake you , you are absolutely amazing WITH your flaws take this in don't be like me and hide till you crumble and break I had to learn this the hard way . But you don't have to be alone I've said it before and I'll say it again you are amazing FLAWS and ALL.