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RIP Koakuma Ageha magazine :(

I know some people might like it, but if I'm ever invited to an 80s theme party I know how I will style my hair>gyaru long hairstyle tutorial

LARME magazine …

Comme des Garcons, Fudge magazine (Percy) You know what's sad? How EASY it is to find pictures that look like the heroine who is a Caucasian, blue-eyed blonde. It's SO HARD to find pics of my black, Asian-inspired and Inuit/Native-inspired heroines. Grrr.

RIP Koakuma Ageha magazine :(

魅惑の目力がまぶしい毛先CカールのAラインボブをMINX aoyama ディレクターの歳嶋建国さんが提案。ナノアクアライトで硬い髪質をソフトにリメイクしながら、ふんわりと丸みのあるフォルムにしています。

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