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ring, gold with garnet and mother-of-pearl cloisonné, Merovingian (Frankish)…

Finger Ring, Ostrogothic, 5th century, gold, probably garnet stone as easily obtained in trade. Measures1x1.6x1.6cm., which is small, but people since ancient times, wore rings on any joint. It would fit my pinkie or between 1st & 2nd knuckles, pointer finger, on my non dominant hand. ALady

Gold filigree and beaded ring, the broad hoop supporting the square bezel set with an amethyst cameo bust of the Virgin Mary, veiled, hands raised in prayer, inscribed in Greek letters MR OY. (Mary Mother of God), facing front. The back is incised with a cross and the Greek letters IC XC (Jesus Christ) to each side of the upright. C. 1100.

Gold ring, the hoop terminating at shoulders supporting the triple "pie-dish" bezel set with a sapphire between two garnets, all "encabochon". 13th /14th centuries.

A GREEK GOLD AND GARNET FINGER RING HELLENISTIC PERIOD, CIRCA 3RD CENTURY B.C. In the form of two serpents, the broad hoop fabricated from sheet, the outer surface embellished with rows of wires, the serpent heads protruding on one side with their bodies looping in figure-8s, a single granule in between, their tails coiled outward along the other side, the hoop set with a diamond-shaped convex garnet in a dog-tooth setting

Gold ring, Late Roman, 4th century A.D., hoop perhaps later.

Circa 10th century, Anglo-Saxon ring. The ring's center is extremely well made, consisting of fine quality gold wire with green and white enamel. The actual band of the ring is not of the same quality, indicating that it was perhaps made by two different individuals. The time that would have gone into making such an equisite ornament is quite phenomenal.

Byzantine Cross. 7th century - early 6th century AD

King Richard's ring. English, 15th century. possibly belonging to Richard the III (1483-85).