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Enigmas on Mars The image above is truly one of the most bazarre I have seen yet. It looks like a herd of wierd critters moving across a Martian plain.... Malin's caption calls them "Defrosting north polar dunes"

the planet of clarion - Maurizio Cavallo -

"The now famous "Turkey UFO" and with zoom in technology, it looks as if we can see the occupants. Great shot!"

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Project Blue Book UFO Sighting Guide

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"Well try it if you must, Gladys! But I tell you, you'll never get ME up in one of those things!"

It is believed that there are over 200 species of intelligent life within our galaxy. These are the most common reported types of extraterrestrial. This is an updated image using newer morphs and texture maps. – à Eugenius330............PARTAGE OF LUCY VALE..........ON FACEBOOK.......... ~ ignominieux! Participating and/or not intervening in Earth Biosphere takedown, these "Intelligent Lifeforms" appear to be predators of a decidedly Patriarchal bent.


The Unsolved Mystery of UFOs (Paperback)

Bright lights in the night sky. Strange sightings of flying saucers. What are UFOs, and could they be visitors from another planet? No one knows for sure. Explore this unsolved mystery, and why some p


The Ufo Coverup: What the Government Won't Say (Paperback)

Authors Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood reveal in this fascinating, thought-provoking book, based on the government's own research and internal files, what they have learned about: UFO's as a