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Demon mask with eye in center of forehead, Ceylon. Staatliches Museum fur…

Afghan Rabab. Short-Necked Lute (Robab, Rabab), Afghanistan, 19th Century. The larger robab is generally used in Afghani art music. The smaller instrument is typically used for the regional music of the Pashtun people. The robab migrated south into India in the mid-19th century, where it eventually developed into the modern sarod, one of the primary instruments of Hindustani music. Photo ©National Music Museum, The University of South Dakota

☆べトナム 民族楽器 変な笛 紫檀 ローズウッド製 大 鳥笛_画像1

Lira, ca. 1890 Greece Wood, tortoiseshell, ivory; The lira is a descendant of the rebec, a bowed folk and minstrel instrument of the late Middle Ages. The ancient type survives in Greece and other countries of the southern Balkans, but rarely as elaborately decorated as this one. Shown here without a bow, this lira has a reconstructed bridge.

Incense burner, 16th century, Japan

Oboe (serunai) mid-20th century Object Place: Malaysia

Music Instrument Mug

The song of the Weather Harp is a mixture of mechanics and chance, ...

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