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How to do flamenco footwork - YouTube

▶ Belly dance tutorial: How to do hip locks on the up, down, and hip shimmies - YouTube

誰かを泣かせたければ まずあなたが 涙が枯れるほど泣きなさい 誰かを笑わせたければ まずあなたが 頬が痛くなるほど笑いなさい 誰かに愛されたければ まずあなたが どれだけ傷ついても愛し続けなさい 踊ることは そういうことだと 私は理解しています

rajastani from northern India. NOT "tribal" just what is dance in that region and not bellydance.


Bloch All Star - Polina Semionova #ballet #dancer #ballerina

Flamenco Rhythm {Fandango de Huelva}

Fandango de Huelva is a fundamental palo (style) of flamenco. This particular style of Fandango that originates from the city of Huelva has a compás and may be danced as opposed to other styles that are only sung. Click through to learn the compás of Fandango de Huelva for palmas and on guitar.


Basic Marcaje - Technique for the arms and body

Learn a basic marcaje for flamenco dance. We focus on a clear technique that will help you gain kinesthetic awareness of your body. Click through to learn more..

Dancing the Flamenco : Flamenco Dancing: Heel Golpe Steps