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Santor Halloween

Santor Halloween | Nazaré Bigwave Season 2015/16 The Praia do Norte did not disappoint on the second big swell of the season. Nazaré awoke with all his strength, and hundreds of people attended the action. With an unrivaled power to any place in the world, which made the delights of the teams that were in the water! About 18 surfers in the water experienced the power of the Sea of Nazaré. The result is already in XXL Big Wave Awards, where profiling several candidates waves premiums e...

= 467 = 【 身体の乱れは 心の乱れ 】 色彩 - 橙 - そばかす!?シミ!? 良いじゃん♪ そして その前に 日焼けだけで シミできるのかな?? 自分のチカラで 肌は変えられるハズよ♪

fantasyartwatch: Black Witch by Jiyeon Ryu

fantasyartwatch: “ Black Witch by Jiyeon Ryu ” もっと見る


fairy-wren: southern red bishop コラさん

I love this! If only it had a couple or a family or even just a person standing there, it would be an amazing picture!

cute idea - rustic votive holders made of twigs - maybe tie with a pretty white ribbon to make them more chic

Leather Skull Purse Clutch in Black

Etsy の Leather Skull Purse Clutch in Black by GriffinLeather

///wet smudged look... Why the hell would you want to look like you just went crazy on a pile of berries?