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Jean-Baptiste-Simeon+Chardin (ジャン・シメオン・シャルダン)

Mabel Alvarez, Pintora. Autoretrato,1923

ジャン・シメオン・シャルダン Jean Baptise Simeon Chardin 1699-1779 ロココ

The Painter and his Pug by William Hogarth


The Young Schoolmistress, 1740, Jean-Baptiste-Simeon Chardin. Note pudding cap.


Quietly Confident Selfie! Maurice Quentin de La Tour (5 September 1704 – 17 February 1788) ca. 1751, French Rococo portraitist who worked primarily with pastels. Among his most famous subjects were Voltaire, Rousseau, Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour.

ルーヴル美術館展 日常を描く―風俗画にみるヨーロッパ絵画の真髄

ジャン・シメオン・シャルダン 《猿の画家》Jean-Baptiste Simeon Charding, The Monkey Painter

Scott Burdick