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Lioness--Festival prayer book, Italian rite Origin Italy Date 3rd quarter of the 15th century Language Hebrew

Rabbis at Benei Braq=Haggadah, liturgical poems and biblical readings for Passover (The 'Barcelona Haggadah'), Sephardic rite Origin Spain, N. E., Catalonia (Barcelona) Date 2nd quarter of the 14th century, c. 1340 Language Hebrew

Stag--Festival prayer book, Italian rite Origin Italy Date 3rd quarter of the…

Festival prayer book (mahzor), Italian rite, volume 2, Italy, Central (Florence), 1441, Italian semi-cursive script, partially punctuated Scribe: Issac ben Obadiah ben David of Forli (Gaio di Servadio), active in Florence 1441-c. 1470 Artist: Zanobi Strozzi. Numerous initial-word panels decorated with pen-flourishing, in blue and red ink. Dimensions in mm 330 x 240 (215 x 135)

Detail of a dragon with its tail circling a caption, from a Hebrew festival prayer book, Italian rite, Italy, 1475. BL, Add MS 16577, f. 44v.

Prayer book (siddur), Italian rite, Italy, N., 1469 Ashkenazi square (punctuated) and Italian semi-cursive (unpunctuated) script, Sephardi punctuated square script (on ff. 113-113v) Scribe: Joel ben Simeon Feibush. 1 full foliate border in colours (f. 113). 140 x 95 (90/85 x 55)

Pentateuch (the 'Coburg Pentateuch') with the Five Scrolls (Hamesh megillot)…

Book of Hours, MS M.227 fol. 13r - Images from Medieval and Renaissance Manuscripts - The Morgan Library & Museum

Abd ar-Rahman al-Sufi. Book of Fixed Stars / (Liber Lucis Stellarum Fixarum) , 964 CE. Illustrations from 1417. Manuscript reproduced 1730.

Bible with masorah magna and parva Origin Italy, C. (Rome?) or Italy, N. (Bologna) Date Last quarter of the 13th century Language Hebrew, Aramaic Script Ashkenazi square and semi-cursive script, main text is punctuated, masorah is unpunctuated

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