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Lioness--Festival prayer book, Italian rite Origin Italy Date 3rd quarter of the 15th century Language Hebrew

Macclesfield Psalter - This leaf is decorated with a particularly distinctive border, with a diamond-shaped interlace and eyelet design on a lavish gold background. At the foot of the text a man sits up in bed, his hands clasped in a gesture of prayer; his bed has a striped coverlet and a tasseled pillow. This image is particularly appropriate for Psalm 116

Rabbi Samson ben Tzadoq; Baruch ben Isaac Title Halakhical works: Tashbetz by Samson ben Tzadoq (ff. 1-30v), Sefer ha-Terumah by Baruch ben Isaac (ff. 31-43v); formulae of a marriage contract, of a release of claim on a property, of mezuzah (f. 43v), of tefilin (f. 44), and of a power of attorney (f. 44v) Origin Germany Date 1307 Language Hebrew

Detail of a man holding a set of bells, representing the fourth musical mode. French, 11th/12th century. British Library.

Pilgrim and dog. ---- Royal 10 E IV f.110 [Calendarium, Decretals of Gregory IX with glossa ordinaria (the Smithfield Decretals) - - Last quarter of the 13th century or 1st quarter of the 14th century]

'We were slaves'=Haggadah, liturgical poems and biblical readings for Passover (The 'Barcelona Haggadah'), Sephardic rite Origin Spain, N. E., Catalonia (Barcelona) Date 2nd quarter of the 14th century, c. 1340 Language Hebrew

Stag--Festival prayer book, Italian rite Origin Italy Date 3rd quarter of the…

Detail of an historiated initial 'O' (vi) of a dog catching a cat catching mice; from Gregory the Great, Moralia in Job, Germany (Arnstein), 2nd half of the 12th century, Harley MS 3053, f. 56v.

Festival prayer book (mahzor) for the Special Shabbatot, Passover, Shavuot with the Book of Ruth, and Ninth of Av with the Book of Lamentations, Ashkenazi rite (aka 'Tinted Mahzor') Origin Germany Date 1st half of the 14th century Language Hebrew

Poland, 16th or 17th century, illustrated prayer book