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Books and Art: The Ocean Nymphs. Augustus Jules Bouvier (British,...

Vivien Leigh reading, 1940. In the 1940s, Vivien became one of Vogue’s “fresh faces” despite having modeled for the magazine since 1935. The war posed a challenge for many British women due to rationing. Clothes, especially new fashions, were extremely hard to obtain. But Leigh, back in England with her husband Laurence Olivier, managed to make simple look fabulous.

South Sea Tales. Jack London. New York: MacMillan Company, 1911. First edition / first printing. “It was about midday when the Petite Jeanne went to pieces, and it must have been two hours afterward when I picked up with one of her hatch-covers. Thick rain was driving at the time, and it was the merest chance that flung me and the hatch-cover together. A short length of line was trailing from the rope handle, and I knew that I was good for a day at least, if the sharks did not return."

Our Morning Offering – October 2 – The Feast of the Guardian Angels #pinterest Heavenly Father, Your infinite love for us has chosen a blessed angel in heaven and appointed him our guide during this earthly pilgrimage. Accept today our grateful thanks for so great a blessing. Grant that we may experience the assistance of our holy protector in all our necessities..............| Awestruck

Dānu - Hindu Goddess of Water. Danu is the primordial force of water. She is the personification of the ocean, from which all creation in the universe springs from. She produces streams and rivers to purify the earth, and bestows luck on those seeking treasure within Her depths. (text from Brandi Auset, The Goddess Guide) Domnu formorian goddess of the depths, the mother of the ancients.


These Photographs Of An Unlikely Mermaid Marriage Tell A Fantastic And Tragic Love Story

These Photographs Of An Unlikely Mermaid Marriage Tell A Fantastic And Tragic Love Story | Konashuk Anton | Mermaid Goodbye