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Historical Artefact, Newton Stone - an ancient pillar stone, found in...

Neolithic Quern Stone

Rock art in Northumberland, England. Featuring a mysterious mix of concentric circles, interlocking rings and hollowed cups, they are broadly dated between 4,000 and 6,000 years old. They may have been used in feasting or as part of a ritual, perhaps even as territorial markers or 'signposts'. The precise meaning of the carvings remains a delicious mystery. Photo: Brian Kerr

Merrivale Alignment, Devon. Said to line up with a ley line.

2300–2200 B.C.E. Early Cycladic II Marble female figure.

Ancient Native American rock carvings (petroglyphs) on the basalt along the Gila River near Malusa, Arizona.

Group of objects from a tomb at HagaraMiddle Kingdom Egyptc.1887-1750 BC(Source: The Met Museum)

Removing the matte that originally encircled the portrait of the child revealed the lovely hidden mother, unseen since the day of framing.

Ancient Egyptian Temple Discovered after Illegal Digging

Julian and The Decision to Fight: Strasbourg, 357 BY HISTORY OF THE ANCIENT WORLD