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Esther scroll in decorative case - this is one of the 74 scrolls we are currently imaging as part of the Hebraic Manuscript Digitisation Project. Read more on our Collection Care blog.

Cumdach of the Stowe Missal, a cumdach (a book shrine is an elaborate ornamented box or case used as a reliquary to enshrine books regarded as relics of the saints who had used them in Early Medieval Ireland.

Triangle Book of Autumn Poem by Miyako Akai. 70 copies. Published in 2011, Kototsubo. Book Size: H28×W30×D5mm, 20pp.

Plaque with Christ in Majesty and the Four Evangelists (circa 1000-1100). Made in Cologne, Germany. Medieval Art, Manuscript, Illuminations, Vellum, Metal, Bone, Ivory. On view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

“Ishiyama-gire” Fragment of the Iseshu Poetry Anthology (12th century) Attributed Fujiwara no Sadanobu, Japan 石山切(貫之集下) 藤原定信筆

Case for a Book (the original messenger bag) Leather (Cuir bouilli) and metal mounts. On the back is an unidentified coats of arms with a crozier and mitre, suggesting that this protective cover for a book belonged to a bishop.

René Lalique Joan of Arc pendant. Enamelled gold rectangular pendant enclosing a gold relief representing Joan of Arc burnt at the stake, with a man below holding up a crucifix, framed by flames to every side, sapphire hanging below, c1900 Rene Lalique (1860-1945).

From the Collection Care blog post 'Father Kogel and the ultra-violet examination of manuscripts'. Image: Archimedes palimpsest

Bookbinding - The Morgan is home to an amazing collection of incunables (books printed before 1501).

From the Collection Care blog post 'Under the Microscope with the #LindisfarneGospels'.