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I love these human versions of Zootopia characters!!!


21 Times Tumblr Proved English Is The Worst Language Ever

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The latest media Tweets from きゅーぽん (@lovelpr). PeterPan/Terrence/jubilation/OMD2/現在リクエストは受け付けておりません/画像の無断使用はお断りしております/マイマイとペアアイコン!ヘッダーもマイマイ!!(@winsuny)

I feel threatened! Haha - funny tumblr posts! - last night when I pinned this, I was having a giggle-fit over it... and trying desperately not to wake up the husband by shaking the bed. I was laughing so hard. This morning... I suspect sleep deprivation. This is not that funny.


21 Totally True And Scientific Facts About America

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