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Odaiba Rainbow Fireworks - Tokyo, Japan

"When does desire awaken? Who awakens it? Why? What makes one person unique and worthy of my desire's aliveness? Aren't all worthy? If so, who stirs this thing in me for one and not the other? When do the mannerisms of movement and the pedestrian gestures of being cease to be ordinary? When do her movements, her walk, her steps, her arms, her eyes, her lips, her smile, her voice, her hips, all begin to assume an individual glory in my observatory?" ~ ♤Dammy O' (Tokyo 1958 Photo: Marc Riboud)

Rising sun from Mt. Fuji. Please visit my board "Mt. Fuji Our Pride". Enjoy repinning and follow it!!

1960年代 もっと見る


ジブリ映画にも影響を与えた、芸術家フンデルトヴァッサーの美しい建築物7選 - おすすめ旅行を探すならトラベルブック(TravelBook)

ジブリ映画にも影響を与えた、芸術家フンデルトヴァッサーの美しい建築物7選 - トラベルブック もっと見る

the aerial railway(cableway?)in Sibuya!,Tokyo 1951 @nifty:デイリーポータルZ:渋谷駅屋上に昔、ロープウェイが通っていた

These are the photos that were exhibited at my solo photo exhibition "Tokyo Mirai Toshi" at Island Gallery, Kyobashi, Tokyo, Japan. 東京・京橋のIsland Galleryで開催された、山本高裕写真展「東京未来都市」展示作品。

OLD PHOTOS of JAPAN: 日本橋の交通事情 1934年の東京