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1920's, Tokyo. Asakusa Nakamise. The Nakamise souvenir shops at the Buddhist temple Senso-ji in Asakusa, Tokyo. In the back the huge Niomon (仁王門) entrance gate can be seen. The first shops were built on this location in 1885 (Meiji 18).

i eat this 4-5 times a year. / Photo: Japanese Sweets (Tokyo Asakusa Funawa)|浅草舟和のあんこ玉

1934, Tokyo. This photo of a crowd walking past shops along the approach to the Buddhist temple Senso-ji was taken some time in May 1934. Notable is that while most men and even the children already wear Western clothing, the women still wear kimono. The shops, called Asakusa Nakamise (浅草仲見世) were a great crowd pleaser as can be seen on this photo.

販売・展示作品 | 浅草 飴細工アメシン #Asakusa #Amezaiku Ameshin日本傳統糖果工藝飴細工-金魚棒棒糖 #CandySculpture

<ひと>と<もの>で光を呼び戻す 東京の下町後編 愛着をもって、蔵前に根ざす | Page 4 | アネモメトリ -風の手帖-

浅草 舟和のあんこ玉。小豆、白いんげん、抹茶、苺、みかん、珈琲味。☆Ankodama, lit. 'sweet red bean paste ball' from the long-established Asakusa Funawa (shop), Tokyo, Japan. Comes in adzuki bean, navy bean, matcha, strawberry, tangerine & coffee flavors.